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Assault on titan zip-up hoodie, naruto 3d hoodie, bleach zipper hoodie, and lots of more Fairy tail, One Punch Man, and Tokyo Ghoul are all series by their creators known as Hiro Mashima, Yusuke Murata, and Kentarou. It’s a comfortable hoodie for people on a hot summer day. This warm hoodie is made with 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Anime danganronpa monokuma heat thickens hoodie jacket cosplay costume. 1. Model Worth: Each anime model with a hoodie has a value all its own. This interactive poll of good anime characters whose style starts with hoodie adjustments as you vote on it, so is sure to give your favorites some love! Anime Gifts for Teen Women Anime Merch. Gifts for 14 12 months outdated woman. Teen Gifts. Cool Gifts for Women 12 years previous.