Though the pinch server was only ready to realize back a few points, Ukai was nonetheless glad about his efficiency and that the purpose hole was shortened a bit. Shimada additionally notes that regardless of the imbalance of the scores, Karasuno can still win so long as they keep pushing Ushijima to his limits. Regardless of having warned the personnel of teradomari, he watches because the opposing ace can spike over Hinata and Daichi. Despite this, Ukai notices that Kinoshita shouldn’t be allowing himself to grow to be depressed how an alternative is becoming determined not to let his subsequent likelihood go to waste. as Karasu no reached a set point, ukai notices that tsubakihara is sending in their 2d pinch server, Aoi Himekawa. Still, the Karasuno team is unaware of his talents.

By a second flashback, Ukai had beforehand identified that the players have been using the Sendai City Gymnasium but may take some time to get used to the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium as it is much larger and has more distractions. Halfway into the second set, Karasuno keeps the lead until Himekawa is once more despatched into the game. At the beginning of the first set, Ukai sees how Iwamuro was in a position to use his services to target the spot where Kageyama crosses in the entrance of Tanaka with little effort. After Kageyama was finally capable of getting again on monitor and using the short attack with Hinata, Takeda would query if it was a good idea to use the attack early in the match.

Close to the tip of the set, Karasuno is lastly able to take the lead how kai soon warns the players of dai mikawa being subbed in as he is more than likely to use a jump float serve. Near the end of the third set, Yamaguchi is subbed in, but his service goes out. Ukai soon put Kinoshita into the sport, but his serve was instantly stopped. With Karasuno trailing behind at 7-11, Ukai decides to send Yamaguchi into the sport. He suspects a part of the reason is that Hinata and Kageyama were not in a position to apply together earlier Haikyuu Official Merch than the sport. Soon Hinata has his sneakers, and the match is prepared to start. Ukai and Takeda both wanted to be ready in case anyone appeared extra nervous than typical but saw that everyone seemed ready for the match at hand.