Have you ever had an unlucky run while playing a casino game, and been unable to put your finger on exactly why it is happening? If not, you probably haven’t been playing for very long. Not only do all players in all types of games get unlucky from time to time, but everyone also, at some point, hits a losing streak where it seems like nothing they do can go right.

Why does this happen and what can we do about it? There are several reasons why it might happen, but the most common is that it’s happening for no reason at all. You could say it’s just your turn to get dumped on by the universe. The truth is that good luck and bad luck are random, and sometimes all your bad luck comes at once.

Bad attitude

It’s still worth looking carefully for reasons why your game is going to pieces as it might not be bad luck at all. It might be that you’re not playing at your best, and weirdly finding this out is cause for celebration, as there are steps you can take to rectify it. Perhaps another player at the table has annoyed you, or you made a poor decision and became angry with yourself. If you’re letting negative emotions, for whatever reason, affect your play then you’ve got a bad attitude, not bad luck, and you need to sort that out quickly.

The down-bound train

Anger, frustration and desperation can quickly put you into a state of tilt, where your play is off-balance because you’re letting your heart rule your head. You might be playing over-aggressively or making one poor decision after another. Sometimes you can’t even tell that this is happening, and so you write it off as bad luck and become even more aggressive and frustrated. Tilt is a down-bound train, picking up speed as you head towards that final station known as going broke.

Take a break 

Whether you’re playing face-to-face or at the best NJ online casinos, sometimes the best way to deal with what seems like a run of bad luck is to just stop for a bit and walk away. Besides emotional tilt, an unlucky run could be down to tiredness, hunger or even dehydration, which can affect your reaction time and thought processes. Get up, have something to eat and drink (non-alcoholic), maybe get some rest or go out in the fresh air.

Even if your losing streak is just down to simple bad luck, taking a break could be the way to cut it short and start afresh in the next session.

Bad beats

Whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game that counts, even if that just means knowing what wagers to make. Even if you’re enjoying a run of good luck, you should always be thinking of how to play better. Maybe unlucky runs should be seen as a useful reminder that even the best players need to stay on their toes.

In any casino, bad beats are a fact of life, from games of skill to games of pure chance. Sometimes the cards, the dice or the wheel seem to be against you. There’s nothing you can do about it, other than to not take it personally and to not get hung up on it.